Lets Make A Hero, 2018.
Book. 4 Pages.
Variable Size.
This booklet combines elements of Exquisite Corpse, Dungeons and Dragons, and other drawing games into one “Create Your Character” group activity booklet.

New Jersey, 2018.
Risograph. 22 Pages.
17.5 x 12.5 cm

Megamix, 2018.
Book. 34 Pages.
20 x 12.5 cm
Drawings from the past few years, many of which were altered using Photoshop's Content Aware tool.

With Me, Wondeful Coloring Book, 2018.
Book. 24 Pages.
25.5 x 20 cm
This here is a book you can color in with your friends, families, by yourself, or even with your enemies.

Get To Know The Moon, 2018.
Zine. 8 Pages.

Secret Work Drawings
Book. 100 Pages (each).
20 x 12.5 cm
A five volume collection of drawings made on MS Paint while working a mundane temp-job at a prestigious university in New Jersey.

Spirit World, 2018.