February 2 - 24, 2013



(in)complete observed the meaning of artistic process in contemporary art through the diverse artistic practices of twelve contemporary artists.  

Rather than focusing on the final art object, the exhibition emphasizes the development of a work or concept over time.  By investigating themes of viewer intervention, conceptual evolution, and pure obsession, the exhibition explores how the artistic process informs the products of contemporary art. (in)complete prompts the viewer to consider the necessity of a finalized art product, and to question whether an artwork is ever truly complete.

Featuring works by Richie Brown, Zach Gage, Nikita Gale, Jessie Henson, Hillman + Chavez, Tristan Perich, Lauren Amalia Redding, Jonathan Rider, Matt Ruby and Joanie Turbek, Abigail Smithson, and Caroline Teagle. (in)complete also featured performances by Nick Yulman, Bubblyfish, and CHiKA. This exhibition was organized with Kimi Kitada and Kristin North. 

A selection of images is provided, more on other artworks can be found here.