Lisa Park and Melissa F. Clarke

May 7, 2014

at Hyphen Hub


Multimedia artists Lisa Park and Melissa F. Clarke perform and discuss two works exhibiting themes of contact, personification, and the manipulation of water.

Lisa Park is a Korean artist, living and working in New York. Her work uses technology to create intimate environments and experiences that trigger emotional states and reflections. For the salon, Park will perform “Eunioia”, a unique performance that utilizes the artist’s states of consciousness - captured via her brainwaves -  to manipulate the motions of water.

Melissa F. Clarke is an interdisciplinary artist who works at the intersection of scientific research, data and art. For this Hyphen Hub Salon, Clarke will perform "Ice Gouge" – her sound piece, installation and performance that sources field recordings of glaciers she recorded on an Arctic expedition to Greenland. In this piece, Clarke works with  glass, contact mics, water, metal, analog and digital effects, as resonant objects, noise, field recordings and samples meet together.

Melissa F Clarke performing at The Silent Barn with glass, candles, contact mics, and arctic field recordings.

Lisa Park's "Eunoia." The Hyphen Hub performance also included a live visualization of the Park's fluctuating brain waves.