And The Villagers Never Liked You Anyway

November 7 - 30 2014

at Knockdown Center


Produced by the collective Sorry Archive, "And The Villagers Never Liked You Anyway" invited 10 curators to produce an exhibition in a 10'x10' grid of dirt. Working with artist Desiree Leary a plot of dirt was embedded with 150 artist-made buttons featuring found imagery from magazines and other sources. Accompanying the work was a curatorial field guide and essay. Produced using simple PDF tools, the aesthetically shoddy looking Field Guide references ancient codices and appears as if it were dug-up from various parts of digital space. The essay, 1 cut paste text, references concrete-poetics but is limited to the tools of Microsoft Word. The result is an abstract document that appropriates and duplicates text as a companion Leary's installation in which participants search for unknown insignias.

   Field Guide

Field Guide

   Essay:      1  cut paste text

Essay: 1 cut paste text