Tokyo's third Internet Yami-Ichi took place at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in October 2016. I was not an organizer. Rather, I sold live drawings and an item known as YouTube DVD.

Each DVD contains video of my computer screen as I watch YouTube for the maximum capacity of time and data for each DVD. The original series, produced in Tokyo, consists of 30 DVDs. Sometimes I am not actually watching the videos and they just play by themselves. Occasionally my mouse cursor or other elements on my screen will appear as well.

In general bootlegging  and appropriating content was essentially introduced to me through my father and his side of my family. It represented something "cool" to me, and was never an issue of ethics at all. My dad still collects bootleg DVDs. Growing up we had them, and now he borrows them from people but never returns them. Prior to this, my family also had a box or cable scrambler. This allowed us to watch HBO for free. As kids, my sister and I didn't really take advantage of this, except for watching Babar, and this show called Little Lulu. I didn't care much for either show, but it was nice to have this option. Occasionally, HBO would offer a free 30 day trial. We also took advantage of that. Still, this device couldn't offer what a bootleg DVD provided, which was usually Hollywood films. Another note, I remember my friend burned all of the Gurren Lagann anime for me on DVDs. This was right before streaming sites and fan translations were what they are today. Looking back, this period of time was very short, but so much was condensed into it.